The many signs of climate change in the far north

News-Miner: In anticipation of an arctic science conference happening next month in Fairbanks, an editor asked me to write a column on climate change in the North. I told her climate stability would be the bigger story, since basswood trees used to grow in Fairbanks and redwoods once dropped their cones into the Porcupine River. Climate is always changing. But we have gotten much better at measuring those changes. We people and our scientific instruments have now occupied the top of the globe for long......

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    سلام . کهتر قسم می خورم که این مطلب گویا است و شاید هیچوقت کس نتواند
    پیغام مشابه بوسیله این مطلب را تو وبلاگ واضح کند برای اینکه بی مر
    طولانی است

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