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Shale gas no certain panacea for Britain

Voice of Russia: A group of MPs has said that developing shale gas in the UK might not bring down energy prices in the same way it has in North America. They have also warned that developing shale gas would jeopardise the UK’s ability to meet statutory climate targets. VoR's Tom Spender reports. Public concern It is too soon to tell if shale gas will solve the UK’s energy problems. That is the view of the Energy and Climate Change committee, which says conditions in the UK are different from those in the...

Bananas may grow important as food source amid global warming

Voice of Russia: Bananas are likely to become an important food source for millions of people amid global warming, experts of the UN Committee on World Food Security point out in a report. According to their forecast, the production of staple foods, such as maize, rice and wheat, is likely to go down in many developing countries. Other crops may also replace the foodstuffs that we are used to, for example those making their home in South Asia may substitute cassava for wheat.