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Texas Landowners Keep Watchful Eye On Keystone KL Pipeline

National Public Radio: Oil is now running through the southern part of the keystone XL pipeline. Supporters and opponents will be watching carefully to see what that could mean for the northern section of the project, that still awaits approval from the Obama administration.

Legal Battles Increase Over Pipeline Projects

National Public Radio: At Margaret O'Keefe's farm in East Texas, they grow high-quality Bermuda grass. The fields are flat and vibrant green, surrounded by woods of a darker, richer green. The family loves this land. O'Keefe inherited it from her mother, who divided it among eight children. "She used to call it 'enchanted valley,' " O'Keefe says. But her "enchanted valley" also lies in the path of the Crosstex NGL Pipeline. That's a 130-mile underground pipeline to funnel natural gas liquids from Texas to processing...