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China’s new 5-year plan is out, and it doesn’t sacrifice the environment for the economy

Grist: On Wednesday, Chinese lawmakers approved the country`s 13th Five-Year Plan, the high-level document that will guide policymaking through 2020, including the country`s approach to climate and energy policy. As the world`s second-largest economy and the largest emitter of greenhouse gases, China necessarily plays a role in shaping global climate policy -- and if it can deliver on the goals outlined in the plan, that role will undoubtedly expand. The plan is the first to set a national cap on energy...

Can climate change cause wars?

Grist: For decades, psychologists have studied the links between temperature and aggression. Whatever the mechanism, it seems to be the case that with spikes in heat come spikes in violence. How can we understand this effect, and what might it mean for the risk of larger scale conflicts like war? Check out the video above. After all, we’re living in a warming world.