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ALERT! End Old-Growth Temperate Rainforest Logging in Alaska’s Tongass National Forest

TAKE ACTION to protect key Asian elephant habitats and their ecosystems TAKE ACTION! It is time to end US old-growth logging, most of which exists in Alaska’s Tongass National Forest [search]. Please urge the federal government to see the salmon and ecosystems through the dwindling old-growth trees for timber, and shift the focus from logging to an ecological protection economy in Earth’s largest temperate rainforest. With only 0.5% of Tongass’s old-growth remaining – the last areas still containing very large 300-800 year old trees – it is unconscionable that the United States of America continues with proposals to log these last tiny patches. If proposals to further log Tongass’ last old forests advance, it further clearly illustrates the United States has zero international credibility on issues of primary forest protection, climate change, and policy to achieve global ecological sustainability.

EARTH MEANDERS: The Great Rainforest Heist

How environmental groups gone bad greenwash logging Earth’s last primary old forests Essay by Dr. Glen Barry, Ecological Internet Earth Meanders come from Earth's Newsdesk The world’s pre-eminent environmental organizations, widely perceived as the leading advocates for rainforests and old growth, have for decades been actively promoting primary forest logging [search]. Groups like Greenpeace, Rainforest Action Network (RAN), The Nature Conservancy, Conservation International, World Wide Fund for Nature/World Wildlife Fund (WWF) and the Environmental Defense Fund actively promote industrially logging Earth’s last old forests. Through their support of the existing “Forest Stewardship Council” (FSC), and/or planned compromised “Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation” (REDD), they are at the forefront of destroying ancient forests for disposable consumer items – claiming it is “sustainable forest management” and “carbon forestry”. Rainforest movement corruption is rampant as these big bureaucratic, corporatist NGOs conspire to log Earth's last primary rainforests and other old growth forests. Collectively the “NGO Old Forest Sell-Outs” are greenwashing FSC’s destruction of over 300,000,000 acres of old forests, destroying an area of primary rainforests and other old forests the size of South Africa (two times the size of Texas)! FSC and its members have built a massive market for continued business as usual ...