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ALERT! More Old Forests, Less Industrial Agriculture, Key to Climate, Food and Water

By Ecological Internet's Climate Ark Climate Change Portal TAKE ACTION HERE NOW! Securing world food security while maintaining operable forests, global climate, water, ocean and terrestrial ecosystems – and human rights, justice and equity – is the biggest challenge facing humanity. Water and food are the next bubbles to burst -- expect severe shortages of both in the 2010s. It is long past time to get back to the land through protecting and restoring old forests and organic permaculture farming. Our survival depends upon being with land, collecting water, letting forests age and growing food.

ALERT! PAPUA NEW GUINEA: Grand Chief “Carbon Cowboy” Off Soon in New Private Jet to Sell Landowners’ Rainforest Carbon

By Ecological Internet's Rainforest Portal and ClimateArk TAKE ACTION! Sir Michael Somare -- Papua New Guinea’s (PNG) Prime Minister -- jets soon to Copenhagen pledging to protect the country’s rainforests in exchange for REDD carbon money. Yet back home he has left a long list of shameful and corrupt rainforest/climate policies. As Copenhagen and REDD talks start, Somare pals Rimbunan Hijau of Malaysia continue logging in Ramu, Madang, despite a court order demanding they stop. Corruption, human rights abuses, and ecological devastation have no place in REDD or Papua New Guinea. TAKE ACTION HERE NOW: PICTURES OF RIMBUNAN HIJAU’S DESTRUCTION IN RAMU, MADANG: