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ALERT! Liberia’s Plans to Resume Industrial Primary Rainforest Logging Already Plagued by Corruption

By Rainforest Rescue with Ecological Internet's Rainforest Portal with TAKE ACTION! The fact notorious illegal loggers Samling of Malaysia [search]; who have devastated rainforests globally including those of the Penan, are surreptitiously in contention for Liberian logging [search] contracts illustrates, despite decades of failed reform efforts locally and internationally, that the global industrial tropical timber logging industry remains irredeemably corrupt. There is no evidence first time industrial logging of primary forests is ever ecologically sustainable or reduces poverty. Please call upon Liberian President to pursue development based upon standing rainforests, and reject entirely the resumption of industrial logging. NOTE: After sending this protest you are forwarded to several crucial ongoing alerts, which we ask you to please send as well MORE INFORMATION AND TAKE ACTION NOW:

ALERT! Tell Greenpeace: Toilet Paper Consumption from Canada’s Ancient Boreal Forests Must End

TAKE ACTION HERE NOW! Greenpeace Canada claims victory as falsely stating clearfelling old forests for paper products is "sustainable" when FSC certified. These photogenic poseurs fail to grasp the ecological necessity of ending consumption of all products made from old forest destruction, and generally reducing consumption of all paper products. Nothing to change as old boreal forests and toxic plantation monocrops will continue to be clearcut to wipe bottoms, albeit falsely certified by various greenwashers including Greenpeace as "well-managed". Please demand that Greenpeace repudiate the agreement with Kimberly-Clark and not enter into any further negotiations that greenwashes old forest logging. Let Greenpeace know global ecological sustainability -- including climate, water and biodiversity -- depends upon protecting primary forests and restoring others to old growth status. TAKE ACTION HERE NOW!

RELEASE: Greenpeace Wipes It’s Soft, Virgin Butt with Canada’s Ancient Boreal Forests

- Against what ecological science tells us is required for global and regional ecological sustainability, Greenpeace Canada endorses continued clearcut of ancient boreal forests for paper products including toilet paper. Nothing to change as ancient boreal forests continues to be clearcut to wipe bottoms, albeit certified by FSC and Greenpeace as "well-managed". By Earth's Newsdesk, a project of Ecological Internet (EI) CONTACT: Dr. Glen Barry, Ecological Internet vigorously condemns Greenpeace Canada's greenwash endorsement of continued Canadian ancient boreal forest logging [search] to make throw away paper items, including toilet paper. Yesterday Greenpeace announced a premature end [ark] to its "Kleercut" campaign [search] against Kimberly-Clark Corporation, the maker of Kleenex, Scott and Cottonelle brand paper products, boldly proclaiming "today, ancient forests like the Boreal Forest have won." Greenpeace's long-standing campaign against "ancient forest crimes" by Kimberly-Clark was suspended on the basis of promises that 40% of its North American tissue fiber will be either recycled or FSC certified by 2011. The company traditionally has used 3 million tones of virgin fibre a year, which will fall to 2.4 million tons if they are successful. This atrociously weak target will legitimize continued destruction of Canada's ancient forest ecosystems for throw away paper products for decades.